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General Contracting

As a general contractor, Evergreen Industrial provides all management and resources necessary to complete your construction project.  There are many different ways that a construction project can unfold, and Evergreen Industrial prides itself on its ability to adapt to our client’s requirements.  Our organization permanently strives to engage with the project ownership and design team at the earliest stages of development. Ultimately to shape the final product into something that the client can afford and the team can be proud of.  Our preconstruction team works closely with the broader project team to establish the budget and provide competitive pricing on all divisions of construction.  Once a budget has been approved, our preconstruction leader reviews pricing with the project manager and superintendent and assists with project buyout.  With all general contracting projects, our clients have a project manager and a superintendent that are assigned to their work.  Both individuals are available 24/7 for the client to connect with should there be any questions or requests that need to be addressed through the duration of the work.  Both the project manager and superintendent take a hands on approach to manage sub-contractors, maintain budget and schedule as well as making sure safety is top priority. Our general contracting process involves a high degree of communication between Evergreen, the client, design teams and subcontractors.  Evergreen Industrial’s sites conduct weekly team meetings where the impending tasks are reviewed in detail and people are given an opportunity to ask questions and plan coordinated activities.

Development Services

Evergreen Industrial strives to provide its clients with a diverse array of support to achieve their desired outcomes.  Often times this involves working beyond the realm of design and construction and requires creative problem solving as it pertains to project permitting, site selection and financing.  As an added benefit to our clients, Evergreen has the ability to assist with all aspects of development.  From planning and permitting to identifying capital and creating development proformas to share with lenders we are a single source resource that clients can lean on to bring a project from concept to reality.



Through a design-build delivery model, Evergreen Industrial brings its managerial proficiency to bear on the early stages of project planning.  Owners start by giving Evergreen their preliminary project concepts and from there we work to provide a conceptual estimate and a preliminary design concept to help our clients vet the viability of their project.  If the client chooses to move forward with the project, Evergreen assembles a comprehensive design team and works collaboratively with them to design and engineer something that meets the original concept budget and achieves the clients desired outcome.  Throughout the project design process, the budget is checked and rechecked to ensure that it stays on track.  Once design is complete, Evergreen Industrial moves into construction mode and its general contracting division asserts control over the process and takes the project from concept to reality.

Owners Representation

Through its vast knowledge of construction Evergreen has the capacity to serve simply as an owner’s representative to support our client’s efforts to complete a project with a general contractor or design/builder.  Through this process, Evergreen industrial serves as a reviewer of project activity and progress.  In this capacity, Evergreen will review billings, conduct site inspections and audit safety policies to ensure that all onsite practices are in conformance with our clients and their lenders requirements.

Steel Erection/General Trades

In addition to its exceptional general contracting/project management capabilities Evergreen Industrial also differentiates itself in the market by self-performing steel erection and general trades activities.  Our steel crew works on everything from conventional iron to pre-engineered metal buildings and miscellaneous metals while our general trades crew does everything from rough carpentry to demolition.  Evergreen Industrial leverages its team of ironworkers to help control cost, quality and schedule on all its general contracting projects.  Through the steel discipline, Evergreen Industrial is able to substantially expedite its timeframes for project delivery by facilitating a faster building enclosure.  In addition to supporting Evergreen Industrial general contracting work, our steel division sub-contracts with larger general contractors to provide steel erection services.  While working as a sub-contractor, Evergreen Industrial adds value to our clients by supporting the design and engineering process to ensure that projects are planned for maximum constructability.

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